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A strange rash in a girl. Ethiopia/Somali Región.

9 years old female patient who have had a pruritic rash for three years.

She lives out in the bush and no one else in family has a similar rash. The rash is diffuse on face/neck/back/arms/legs and it shows rough papular patches.

Some are linear in areas where it looks like she scratches.  The people who sent the case don’t have access to biopsy and they had limited treatment options available.

What is the most probable diagnosis? What is your most likely option for treatment?img_5939 img_5937 img_5936 img_5935

WHO guidelines on the management of health complications from female genital mutilation.

These guidelines are intended primarily for health-care professionals involved in the care of girls and women who have been subjected to any form of female genital mutilation (FGM). This document also provides guidance for policy-makers, health-care managers and others in charge of planning, developing and implementing national and local health-care protocols and policies. The information contained in this document will also be useful for designing job aids and pre- and in-service professional training curricula in the areas of medicine, nursing, midwifery and public health for health-care providers caring for girls and women living with FGM.


Prevalence of Brucellosis among Women Presenting with Abortion/Stillbirth in Huye, Rwanda

Journal of Tropical Medicine 2014.

25% of women who was suffered this problem were positive with Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT).

Findings from the current study give insights into the otherwise controversial Brucella-associated abortion in human.

The next step will be to isolate Brucella spp. from placental trophoblasts of aborting women.