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WHO guidelines on the management of health complications from female genital mutilation.

These guidelines are intended primarily for health-care professionals involved in the care of girls and women who have been subjected to any form of female genital mutilation (FGM). This document also provides guidance for policy-makers, health-care managers and others in charge of planning, developing and implementing national and local health-care protocols and policies. The information contained in this document will also be useful for designing job aids and pre- and in-service professional training curricula in the areas of medicine, nursing, midwifery and public health for health-care providers caring for girls and women living with FGM.


Prevalence of Brucellosis among Women Presenting with Abortion/Stillbirth in Huye, Rwanda

Journal of Tropical Medicine 2014.

25% of women who was suffered this problem were positive with Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT).

Findings from the current study give insights into the otherwise controversial Brucella-associated abortion in human.

The next step will be to isolate Brucella spp. from placental trophoblasts of aborting women.